Acte Préalable specializes in monographic records documenting the work of lesser known Polish composers who deserve worldwide recognition for the outstanding qualities of their very unique and otstanding musical masterpieces.


Title: Adolpho: Vesperae in F

Label: Acte Préalable
Catalog No: AP0083

EAN: 5902634750830

Format: CD
Recorded: 2001
DDD – TT: 68’19




1. Jakub Sowa (1545-1593) – Salve Regina Mater Misericordiae


2.  Adolph (XVIII c.) – Vesperae in F

  • Versus: Deus in adjutorium meum intende
  • Antiphona I: Dixit Dominus
  • Antiphona II: Magna opera Domini
  • Antiphona III: Rerum Deus
  • Antiphona IV: Educ de custodia
  • Antiphona V: Benedictus Dominus
  • Capitulum (2 Cor. 1,3-4): Benedictus Deus, et Pater Domini nostri Jesu Christi
  • Hymnus: Lucis Creator optime
  • Antiphona: Magnificat anima mea Dominum
  • Oratio: Oremus: Deus, qui salutis

3. Wacław L. Raszek (XVIII c.) – Andante




Choral Ensemble Musica Sacra

Vocal Ensemble Benonitae Cantantes

Instrumental Ensemble Clementinum

Piotr Wilczyński, conductor


booklet: dr Tadeusz Maciejewski, Jan M. Gładysz (in Polish, and English)




All that remains of the Bennonites’ musical activities are a few documents, reports, and lists of real estate, books, musical instruments and scores destined for auction. An inventory of music has been preserved that testifies to the repertoire performed during church services and on non-religious occasions. The catalogue also includes vocal-instrumental works of liturgical music by contemporary composers, as well
as a considerable number of instrumental works, e.g., symphonies by Haydn, Beethoven and the forgotten V. Jirovec. Unfortunately the actual music scores have been lost. So far the only surviving work from the Bennonites is: Vesperae in F./Canto Alto Tenore Basso/Violino primo et secundo/Cornu Primo et Secundo, et Organo/Authore Adolpho./Ad S. Bennonem Varsoviae. There is no men- tion of this work in the above inventory. It was preserved in the music archives of the library of the Jesuit monastery in Święta Lipka in the form of separate choral parts, and was scored by me and later performed during a gala concert in the church of St. Benno on October 28th, 2001.

Adolpho – Vesperae in F

SKU: 5902634750830