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Beksiński. Photography is the first volume in the series on Polish artistic photographers. Zdzisław Beksiński was a photographer for a relatively short period of less than eight years. The artist’s main model was his wife, Zofia Beksińska, who not only brilliantly exposed the female beauty, but also lived up to the experimenter’s requirements. Beksiński’s photographs, characterised by formal diversity and poetic sensitivity, focus mainly on the issue of transience. The photographs featured in this book belong to the collection of the Historical Museum in Sanok.

Beksiński. Fotografia / Photography

$19.99 Precio
$17.99Precio de oferta
  • Auhtor:  Varius 
    Publisher:  Bosz
    Published in: 2019
    Binding: Hardcover 
    Number of pages: 60
    Format: 7.2 x 6.5 x 0.6 ich
    ISBN: 978-83-7576-624-0
    EAN: 9788375766240
    Weight: 0.6 pounds
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