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Published by Bosz Publishing from Poland album on the work of Zdzislaw Beksiński, presents a wealth of facts on this extraordinary artist. An expert guides the reader through the various periods in the work of Beksiński the painter, art photographer, and individual fascinated by the potential offered by computer graphics, not forgetting his biography, either. The album's rich illustrative material consisting of numerous works never published before juxtaposed with Beksiński's most renowned works gives an opportunity for a new encounter with this artist, even though ultimately the mystery of Zdzislaw Beksiński and his oeuvre will always be just as inscrutable.

Zdzisław Beksiński 1929-2005

SKU: 9788375762242
$49.99 Precio
$39.99Precio de oferta
  • Auhtor:  Varius 
    Publisher:  Bosz
    Published in: 2016
    Binding: Hardcover 
    Number of pages: 288
    Format: 12.2 x 9.45 x 2 ich
    ISBN: 978-83-7576-224-2
    EAN: 9788375762242
    Weight: 4.12 pounds
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