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Limited Edition, High-end reproduction of Zdzisław Beksiński's painting on canvas.  


Title: AC74
Originally painted: 1974
Original technique: Oil, Fiberboard

Reproduced on: High quality polyester fabric canva with a weight of 175 g




REGULAR:  60 cm (23.5")  x  72 cm (28.5")

LARGE:  80 cm (31.5") x 96 cm (37.5")

EXTRA LARGE:  100 cm (31.5") x 120 cm (37.5")


Above sizes cover all the original artwork, in addition there is an EXTRA 2.25" mirror image on EACH of 4 sides allocated for framing.


There is NO FRAME, additional framing is required before displaying.

Contact your local art supplies store (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.) for framing options.



Shortly before his tragic death, Zdzisław Beksiński drew up his last will and testament, making the Historical Museum in Sanok his sole beneficiary, pinning his hopes on this museum for the safeguarding of his legacy.  Thank you for following Master Beksiński's last wishes and buying his artwork only from an authorized source.


All of our reproductions are created in cooperation, and with exclusive, world-wide permission from the Historical Museum in Sanok, Poland - the owner of the largest collection of Master's works, an executor of his last will and sole benefactor of his testament.  


All artwork on canvas we sell was transformed directly from the original paintings of Beksiński by BoSz Publishing under authorization from Sanok's Museum. All copies we sell come with their own "Certificate of Authenticity".  




Reproductions of Beksiński's paintings are works worthy of the greatest art lovers. Devoid of any titles by the author, they allow for independent interpretation. The apparent multi-threading usually carries a strong message, but everyone has the right to perceive it completely differently.


The unusual style of Beksiński's works has been recognized all over the world for decades. The unique atmosphere flowing from the canvas is an expression of the artist's liberation and his dark way of perceiving the world. Recently, many surreal visions of the world have entered our reality. Themes from science fiction movies that were hard to imagine in the real world came true. Beksiński's paintings, although they were created years ago, seem to be more relevant today than ever before.  Screaming, crying for help, silence, loneliness, darkness, fear, surprise, despair, absurdity and death are so many emotions in the past period. These works are also full of those. They perfectly reflect the feelings we face in our everyday lives.


The art collectors wishing to own the originals must often pay millions of dollars for his paintings. Thankfully, the superior quality reproductions of Beksiński's works from Bosz Publishing House, are guaranteed to satisfy and exceed the highest standards of even the most discriminating art lovers.  Beksiński's prints are gaining more and more popularity among art lovers looking for one of a kind enhancements for their living or working spaces. It is difficult to pass by Beksiński's art indifferently as it always strongly influences the emotions of the recipient, inspires and calls for a moment of reflection. These are works for people who like to be intrigued and are not afraid to be challenged.




EAN: 5901138917503


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BEKS0329 - Reproduction of Zdzisław Beksiński's painting on canvas (AC74, 1974)

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