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The volume 4 from Bosz Publishing series of albums with art of Zbigniew Beksinski, completes Beksinski's anthology and features his lesser known and rarely published paintings and drawings from the archives of the Historical Museum in Sanok as well as private collections. With foreword by Wieslaw Banach.


Zdzisława Beksiński in his own words:


I react strongly to images that have no obvious answer to their mysteries. If there is a key to their construction, they are simply illustration. 


It misses the point to ask me what scenes in my paintings 'mean'. Simply, I do not know, myself. Moreover, I am not at all interested in knowing. Meaning is meaningless to me. I do not care for symbolism and I paint what I paint without meditating on a story. 


I have quite simply been trying, from the very beginning, to paint beautiful paintings. 

Beksiński 4

SKU: 9788375763294
$49.99 Precio
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  • Auhtor:  Varius 
    Publisher:  Bosz
    Published in: 2017
    Binding: Hardcover 
    Number of pages: 144
    Format: 14 x 11 x 0.75 in
    ISBN: 978-83-7576-329-4
    EAN: 9788375763294
    Weight: 3.2 pounds
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